ITT Controls also supplies products and components made by Dungs. Dungs provides reliability, efficiency and usability. The exceptional quality and safety that this brand has gained in recent years made it market leader in their field. We offer the complete range of hardware: From single valves over complete gas trains to safety technology, from automatic burner controls to burner management systems. Dungs is the brand that sells and supports the full product range. ITT Controls is the partner who can give you advice on all products and does the maintenance and management of all these products.

A small selection of Dungs products are burner management systems, automatic burner controls, pressure regulators, pressure switches for gas and air, solenoid valves, double solenoid valves, multifunctional gas controls, line leak testers, ball valves, filters, engine valves and actuators.

Dungs believes that gas is the future. It is a superior source of energy. Gas remains available in the long term and has no waste disposal needs, unlike other energy sources. Gas is safely to monitor and to control. Dungs innovates and has incredible expertise. ITT Controls can help you make the right choice in this range of products and components.

Also in heating Dungs is a known player in the market. The brand is synonymous with safety during a long life-cycle. They have an impressive portfolio of high pressure switches to integrated burner management systems.

Dungs stands for quality, like ITT Controls. The valves Dungs develope are good for at least 1 million cycles which all have been tested and qualified in different laboratories. Both Dungs as ITT Controls make no concessions when it comes to safety.

For more information please contact the sales department or email info@ittcontrols.com

ITT Controls has no commercial link with the firm Dungs ​​and does not belong to the distribution network of Dung and has no special relationship with Dungs / Karl Dungs GmbH & Co.

Schlumberger Controls

The history of the brand  Schlumberger begins in the early 1900. Around 1930 the brand made​​ a leap forward and this technological innovation is still continuing. Technical challenges include Schlumberger deepwater operations, collateral flow, tapping unconventional sources, processing of heavy oil, enhanced oil recovery, high pressure and high temperature challenges, carbonate reservoirs and real-time operations.

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MAN B&W Heiztechnik

ITT Controls also supplies products and components made by MHG Heiztechnik (MAN B & W Heiztechnik). MHG Heating is one of the leading suppliers in Germany that manufacture high heating systems and components for oil, gas, - environmental heat, solar and hybrid heating.

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Technoplant is a brand that is specialized in developing, manufacturing and distribution of electric actuators for air dampers and valve technology for stoves, ventilation and air conditioning since 1975.

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Since the early sixties Mercedol provides solutions to end users and to large industrial customers. ITT Controls supplies and does maintenance of boilers and burners with high energy efficiency and clean combustion.

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